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5 Reasons why Private Tuition is better than coaching classes

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The seed of education if sown right, always provides the most fascinating fruit. Tuition classes have always been the number one resolution of the problem of poor teaching in schools or any other platform where the child is expected to learn with the rest of his mates.

With the growing times, we have excelled a lot with the choices available in the form of tuitions. Private tutoring comes with the benefit of getting your own tutor which helps in easy communication between you and your tutor.

In a world where coaching classes have gained much importance and are in the limelight, private tutors still have an edge over teaching the students in a more suitable and desirable manner. Here are five reasons why Private tuitions are considered better than Coaching classes :

1. First and foremost is that with a private tutor, the student always gets the privilege of getting personalized attention. Unlike a coaching center, the tutor has to work only on one child and thus the child does not have to sacrifice his needs as per the needs of other children. He gets served with exactly what is best for his health.

2.The students feel more comfortable studying with a private tutor as compared to a coaching class. There are many students who hesitate before asking any question to their teacher just because they are scared to speak in front of the crowd. But with their own tutor provided, he/she can freely communicate and interact with them leading to a better understanding.

3. Another important factor that helps a private tutor to have an edge over Coaching Classes is that there is almost no wastage of time in private tuition. The study time can be easily adjusted with simple communication as per the needs of the child, as and when required. But, in a coaching class, every child has to settle with the time that is decided by the owners.

4. It is really difficult for a child to focus on what is being taught in the class at a coaching center, as there are many distractions that could be environmental as well as social. But with your own tutor, you are left with no other option but to focus on what is being taught, as you are the only one in the class.

5. The quality of education provided at a coaching center is quite low, as compared to what you learn from your personal tutor. A private tutor, arranges the study material for his student, with a proper understanding of what his weaknesses are and which topic needs to be emphasized more. This is definitely not possible in a Coaching Centre where all kinds of children are admitted.

The main reason students look for a tuition class is that they fail to understand what they are taught in schools which is basically because they have to study with a large number of students. YourOwnTutor (YOT Academy) can help you solve all the doubts easily and steadily. YOT provides the best home tutors in your area after a thorough background check of teachers, which makes it one of the best in its segment.

Having all these factors in our minds, it is quite obvious to say that Private tuitions dominate the Coaching Classes. They play a subtle role in the overall understanding and development of a child!

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