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Over 10.4 lakh candidates applied for the Civil Services Exam for selecting the IAS 2020 batch. Of them, just 10,564 qualified for the written, or “Mains” round held in January. Of this group, 2,053 made it to the personality test and interview in the final round. At the end of it all, 761 out of 10,40,060 candidates cleared all tests to become India’s next batch of IAS officers. That is a 0.2% rate for qualification to personal interview and 0.073% success rate for becoming an IAS officer.

Competition has remained just as intense every year for years. In 2019, out of about 11.35 lakh applicants, 2,034 were called for interviews and 927 were finally selected. Taking all three levels of the selection process together, the success rate is in the range of 0.07% to 0.08%. Find a perfect personalised tutor for your IAS Dream from Your Own Tutor

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