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Supreme Court Refuses To Add Online Mode For CBSE, CISCE Board Exams

“Supreme Court "

"Don't mess up with the education system. Let the authorities do their job well. It is too late now. This last minute business should be discouraged”

“Exam centres increased from 6,500 to 15,000. Exam duration reduced from 3 hours to 1.5 hours...Hope and trust that authorities will take all care to ensure that students and staff are not exposed to untoward situations,” the bench said.

The petitioners had argued that offline exams put them at the risk of COVID-19 infection. "Continuous exposure through offline exams sharply increases the risk of infection to COVID-19 rendering the impugned action as arbitrary and in violation of Right to Health," they said in the petition.

Senior Advocate argued for the petitioners saying

that the offline mode of exams poses health risk to the lakhs of parents too who will crowd outside the exam centres. But the Supreme Court countered saying that the number of examination centres had been increased immensely to address that issue.

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